John Brown

Brown's paintings have been described as "survivors of their own making." His process is immensely labour-intensive: a single work can take years to complete. The solitary act of applying paint, building imagery and then aggressively reducing the piece back down to its core, only to begin again, encapsulates this repetitive pattern of sublime creation and violent destruction.

Said to awaken "latent memories," Brown's paintings approach the human psyche from a shared plateau of collective experience. His paintings are not only seen, they are felt: emotionally and physically. The artist states that each painting, "inherently promises that there may actually be a future. Any act of creation is optimistic. Any act of creation is about hope."




Ontario College of Art, Toronto, ON

Bachelor of Arts, University of Guelph, Guelph, ON



WILDE Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto, ON

Book Launch, Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto, ON

Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto, ON
Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA), Toronto ON

Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto, ON

Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto, ON

Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto, ON

Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto, ON

Galerie Eric Devlin, Montreal, QC

Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto, ON

Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto, ON

Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto, ON

Costin & Klintworth Gallery, Toronto, ON

Carmen Lamanna Gallery, Toronto, ON

Carmen Lamanna Gallery, Toronto, ON

Carmen Lamanna Gallery, Toronto, ON

Laurentian Museum and Art Centre, Sudbury, ON

Carmen Lamanna Gallery, Toronto, ON

Carmen Lamanna Gallery, Toronto, ON

Gallery 76, Toronto, ON




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Painters 15: Canadian Painting Exhibition, Shanghai, China

Galeries René Blouin, Montréal, QC

Traces, Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto, ON

Working on the Fringe, Redeemer College, Ancaster, ON
John Brown, Marc de Guerre, Rae Johnson, Carmen Lamanna Gallery,
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University of Guelph Alumni Art Exhibition, Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, Guelph, ON

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University of Guelph, ON

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