Since Baselitz grew up amongst the suffering and demolition of World War II, the concept of destruction plays a significant role in his life and work. These autobiographical circumstances have therefore returned throughout his whole oeuvre. In this context, the artist stated in an interview: "I was born into a destroyed order, a destroyed landscape, a destroyed people, a destroyed society. And I didn't want to reestablish an order: I had seen enough of so-called order. I was forced to question everything, to be 'naive', to start again."[1] By disrupting any given orders and breaking the common conventions of perception, Baselitz has formed his personal circumstances into his guiding artistic principles. From Wikipedia



Georg Baselitz,
Hand,  2001, Etching ,
Signed, Dated and Numbered, 10/ 15
Image Size 32.29 x 25 cm, Paper Size
Price 3900 euros


Interview from1995. In: "Goth to Dance: Donald Kuspit Talks with Georg Baselitz", in Artforum 33, no. 10 (Summer 1995), p. 76