Wir zeigen Brust

Curated by Britta Adler and Saralisa Volm; from the bitchMATERial series
Vernissage, Wednesday, February 20,  18-22hr
Finnissage, Friday, March 8, 18-22hr
Open by appointment, nach Vereinbarung geöffnet


Fides Becker, Aleah Chapin, Annique Delphine, Amrita Dhillon, Birgit Dieker, EVA & ADELE, GODsDOGs, Camila Gonzalez, Julija Goyd, Matt Lambert, Thedra Cullar-Ledford, Kennet Lekko, Sophie Mayanne, Inma Moreno, Eglė Otto, Raquel Paiewonsky, René Schoemakers, Frédéric H. J. Schwilden, Emilie Trice, Peter Wilde


In our upcoming exhibition we want to question and dismantle taboos through various artistic perspectives.  Our goal is to encourage a more natural and positive approach to the female body - one which is not characterized by role clichés and sexist definitions, or standardized ideals of beauty. The ‘free-the-nipple’ movement on social media, and the conversation around the right to breastfeeding in public has opened up socially relevant questions on the topic of breasts. The exhibition will also raise discussions around illness, breast surgery or (trans)gender identity, and rethink concepts and images that have become entrenched in society, with a sometimes serious, sometimes playful approach.